A well-known global tech engineering consultancy specialising in offshore oil and gas, they are growing quickly and need dependable people to fulfil new projects. They needed a Process Safety Manager on a 12-month contract for a new offshore project.  

Working in a niche market, this owner-managed business was looking for talent in the same pool as some of the world’s biggest energy suppliers with strong employer reputations. Before approaching us, they’d had the role open for 6 weeks and struggled to attract the right calibre of application. 

The Impact of Working with Advantage

This role was managed by our Senior Consultant, Tom Johnson. Having placed over ten contractors with KBR, he has a great working knowledge of their processes, culture, and the benefits of working in a smaller business. He recognised this was their Employer Brand USP and he used the latest recruitment technology to execute a targeted headhunting strategy. 

Speedy Results

When Tom found a contractor with the right fit for skills, culture, experience and availability; he moved quickly to get them in front of the hiring manager. For this role, he was confident that shortlisting only one candidate was the right move. And, his instincts proved correct. They moved seamlessly through the interview process and promptly secured the role.   

Notably, the position had been open for six weeks before our involvement. Within a remarkable three-week timeframe, Tom successfully headhunted the ideal candidate, showcasing our firm’s efficiency and effectiveness in meeting our client’s urgent needs. 

A few weeks later, KBR then entrusted us with another contract role for their Marketing team, which was referred by Tom to his colleague, Hafsa, for fulfilment. Hafsa followed the same approach as Tom and found a sterling Marketing expert available for the contract duration and with the industry knowledge needed. By working as a team, the Advantage consultants have managed to reduce hiring times, impact the speed of projects and offer truly seamless customer service to KBR.  

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