Shell, a powerhouse in the energy industry, is no stranger to innovation. With a reputation for groundbreaking projects and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, Shell attracts professionals seeking exciting challenges. 

In 2022, Shell had a new IT project but needed people who would hit the ground running and turn it into a success. The global data centre transformation project required experienced Network Engineers and Architects who could make an impact. The new team would be revolutionising their data strategy and being at the forefront of a project that could transform the whole business. 

Why Certain Advantage?

For over 15 years, Shell and Advantage have cultivated a partnership founded on trust and reliability. With a history of successfully placing over 400 talented professionals within Shell’s ranks, Shell knew we could deliver the right people for the job.

Building a Team 

IT professionals are in high demand, so Tom understood that they were inundated with offers from other big brands. However, Shell offered more than just a position; it was an opportunity to shape a brand-new team.

Leveraging his extensive network, Tom meticulously scouted for the best candidates, focusing on those with a high level design across various networking technologies. From Network Engineers with a knack for innovative solutions to Architects with a flair for groundbreaking strategies. It was challenging, but he knew the people for the job.

The strategic pitch

Despite Shell’s strong brand presence, competing offers from other tech giants made the recruitment process even more challenging. Tom emphasised the unique opportunity to shape the direction of a brand-new IT team. He highlighted the autonomy and creative freedom that came with it, Shell’s reputation for innovation, and their commitment to a flexible, remote work culture—an important draw for today’s IT professionals seeking work-life balance.

Tom’s expertise in the IT field goes beyond knowing the industry; it’s about understanding what makes a candidate excel within the company and whose values align perfectly with Shell’s vision. His assessment went beyond the CV, diving deep into each candidate’s potential impact on Shell’s projects and culture.

Building a winning team

Tom’s efforts were successful, onboarding two new team members each month over a year, steadily building Shell’s IT team. These professionals brought a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, quickly integrating into the company.

With the new IT team in place, Shell saw immediate results. Projects gained momentum, and the team’s innovative solutions gathered praise from stakeholders. As contracts extended repeatedly and projects flourished, it became clear that Tom’s strategic recruitment approach had paid off.

One key factor in the team’s success was the trust and reliability established through Advantage. Tom’s contractors were not just skilled professionals; they were loyal candidates who understood that working with a brand meant Shell’s success was their own. Their loyalty and dedication stemmed from the trust built during the recruitment process over the years of working with us. 

The partnership between Advantage, Tom, and Shell demonstrates the power of strategic recruitment in driving business success. By understanding Shell’s vision, navigating the competitive talent landscape, and crafting a compelling pitch, Tom built a dream IT team for Shell. 

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