Working with On-Site Energy

On-Site Energy a Liverpool-based sustainable solutions provider catering to high-energy expending businesses, was in a crucial growth phase in 2021. As they expanded their operations and aimed to build a robust senior leadership team (SLT), the need for top-tier talent became paramount.

The Challenge:

Upon encountering On-Site Energy online, Tia recognised an opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth trajectory. With a keen eye for talent and a proactive approach, Tia contacted David, the CEO of On-Site Energy, presenting an immediately available Finance Director candidate. Recognising the timing was opportune, David expressed the need for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to bolster the company’s financial operations and strategic planning.

The Solution:

Despite an initial setback with a candidate who did not meet the specifications, Tia’s persistence paid off when she connected with Anthony, a seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in debt-raising and special purpose vehicles (SPVs). Anthony, drawn by Tia’s outreach via LinkedIn, found the opportunity compelling and was eager to take on the challenge of his first CFO role. Tia facilitated a seamless negotiation of Anthony’s notice period, ensuring a swift and exclusive placement within three weeks.

Success Breeds Success:

With the CFO position filled, On-Site Energy soon needed a General Counsel to navigate the complexities of the energy sector. Tia collaborated closely with her colleagues to identify Amy, an engineer turned legal professional with a unique blend of technical expertise and legal acumen. Despite the specificity of the role and Amy’s requirement for flexible working arrangements, Tia orchestrated a swift two-stage recruitment process that culminated in Amy’s successful appointment.

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