Human Factors Engineer

Job Reference: BBBH72888

Posted by: Carl Delaney

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Industry: Engineering
Stevenage, UK
£90 – £90 per hour

Description of role:

World Class Defence Organisation is currently looking to recruit a Human Factors Engineer subcontractor on an initial 12 month contract. The role will be a hybrid of working from home 50% of the time and onsite, either from the companies office in Bristol or Stevenage (depending on your preference).

Contract Duration: 12 Months initially and then ongoing

Hourly Rate: £90.00ph

Human Factors Engineer Job Description:

The military operating environment is becoming more complex and new technological capabilities are required to ensure operational advantage. We believe that integration of Human Factors is critical to the development of safe, usable and effective weapon systems. The Human Factors department is responsible for ensuring that user capability is fully considered in the weapon system, from initial concept design through development and delivery to the customer.

You will be joining a team recognised by UK MoD as an industry leader in the delivery of Human Factors Integration where you be able to influence systems as they develop from concept to delivery and gain first-hand experience of working with military users.

Our team work transversally across the company projects through the development lifecycle providing capabilities to users across Land, Air and Sea with ongoing projects across Battlefield, Surface Attack, Deep Strike & Air Defence domains. As a partner in FCAS AP we are also at the heart of providing the effects element of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS).


In your role you will be able to directly influence the development of these technologies, engaging directly with the user from early concept through to delivery ensuring that the human-machine relationship is optimised.

We are looking for a highly capable, versatile and enthusiastic Human Factors Engineer to undertake a full range of Human Factors tasks across weapon system concepting, development and research activities. Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct of Human Factors Integration through the development lifecycle providing progressive assurance to the customer as per Def Stan 00-251
  • Development of User Interface prototypes and conduct of Human Centred Design.
  • Analysis and assessment of the role of the operator within the weapon system considering weapon system planning, command and control
  • Definition of HF requirements and development and maintenance of lower level detailed specifications (e.g. for HMI/HCI)
  • Conduct of User Experiments and Trials supporting system conception, development and verification taking into account operator workload and situational awareness
  • Analysis of physical ergonomics, equipment and integration into workspaces

Skillset/experience required:

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)
  • User Interface design & use of User Interface prototyping tools such as Axure
  • Implementing Human Centred Design processes
  • Application of Human Factors Integration & Human Factors Engineering in a Defence context
  • Knowledge of defence standards (00-251)
  • Conduct of core HF activities including task analysis, requirements development, user trials and Experimentation.
  • Application of physical ergonomics and use of CAD software such as Jack or RAMSIS
  • Good understanding of Systems Engineering and disciplines that interact with Human Factors (Supportability, Training, Systems) including definition and verification of HF requirements.
  • MS Office, DOORS
  • Ability to generate technical reports
  • Good planning skills
  • Effective communication skills.

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