Should I recruit or get help from a recruiting partner?

Recruitment is a vital and strategic process for any organisation, as it affects the quality and performance of the workforce, the organisational culture, and the overall business outcomes.

However, recruitment also involves significant costs, such as advertising, screening, interviewing, hiring, and training. Therefore, it is important to measure the return on investment (ROI) of recruitment, which is the ratio of the benefits gained from hiring new employees to the costs incurred in the process.

Why and when should you choose a recruitment partner, and when should you consider to do this inhouse?

A recruitment agency can help especially in the following cases

Recruitment is a vital process in every company, and next to the ROI-calculation, the case for external recruitment becomes apparent considering:

  • Hiring expertise – Not only for niche roles, but where deep knowledge of the role is required, Certain Advantage can help you. We specialise in Engineering, IT, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and HR recruitment roles, and have specialised recruiters who work just for that industry.
  • Market reach – To reach the right candidates in the market, you need to use the job boards and social media channels that a candidate is using, and using the language that the candidate uses. Certain Advantage has over 35 years of experience in how to reach these candidates.
  • Candidate tooling – To reach the candidate across all the different platforms, Certain Advantage uses specialised recruitment software to reach the right candidate at the right time. This could save you lots of time and effort, and increases the rate of success.
  • Candidate pipeline – Because we are in touch with a lot of candidates in our field of expertise we have built long lasting relationships and created a significant candidate database with specific expertise over the years. This means that when we are contacted, we can often already reach out to potential candidates and act faster than if you were to build a pipeline yourself.
  • Applicant screening – All candidates are screened by our expert recruiters before we introduce them to you. Should the job or company require additional screening we can also add this to our offering.
  • Limited new hires needed – When your organisation is growing, it doesn’t warrant a dedicated recruitment team yet. External recruiting expertise can often be a better option.
  • Speed of hiring – Because of our large candidate database, we can often fill a vacancy in a fraction of the time. We have the infrastructure set-up already, so we’re up and running in a matter of minutes ready for your hiring need. When you have an event that requires fast hiring, or need to scale up fast, we can help you and get you the right candidate in no-time.

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