The Challenges Faced

by the Nationwide team

  • Inconsistent contingent hiring process across multiple sites
  • An unwieldy supply chain with inconsistent rates and terms
  • Significant administrative burden with over 25,000 agency invoices per annum
  • Limited company contractors were supplied on hourly rates resulting in poor cost control
  • Direct supply for DRC workers running at only 25%
  • No technology solution to oversee the contingent workforce programme
  • Lack of compliance for both workers and suppliers
  • 60% of existing supply chain identified as not fully compliant
  • Inconsistent performance across the supply chain

The Advantage Solutions

  • We embedded a dedicated and scalable onsite team to manage the full recruitment lifecycle for all non-permanent requirements throughout the UK
  • We conducted a number of tender exercises, rationalised the supplier base, and renegotiated contracts and margins
  • We negotiated the transfer of all limited company contractors to day rates
  • We increased direct sourcing level for DRC workers to 85%
  • We researched and project-managed the implementation of industry-leading VMS technology
  • We introduced comprehensive compliance training for all suppliers
  • We implemented a robust compliance audit system and completely overhauled the compliance and onboarding process for contingent workers
  • We developed and embedded a quality control programme to support the management of the supply chain, including formal performance metrics, regular supplier meetings, reviews and audits
  • We also introduced supplier penalties for not meeting agreed performance levels

The Results

  • Full onboarding and offboarding service
  • Standardised processes, procedures and controls
  • Continuous improvement in time-to-hire metrics
  • Significant savings through the standardisation of contracts and terms
  • New supplier framework offers Nationwide greater flexibility, more diversity and access to a wider talent pool
  • Single, consolidated weekly invoice/purchase order
  • Cost savings of £250k per annum on limited company contractors alone
  • £1m annual savings on DRC workers
  • Much better visibility of workforce and more control over contingent labour usage
  • Provision of performance metrics and improved MI to support forecasting and financial decision-making
  • Supplier and contingent worker compliance approaching 100%
  • Significant improvement in performance and quality levels across the supply chain

Thanks to our initiatives, Nationwide was able to reduce/control costs, increase visibility through detailed MI, and mitigate business/compliance risks.

In addition, the overall improvement in agency quality, candidate and supplier engagement, and an improved interview process has resulted in greater retention levels of a higher calibre workforce across the business.

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