Dyson is a cutting-edge British technology company established by James Dyson in 1987.

Employing over 7,000 people worldwide, Dyson designs and manufactures premium electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters and hair dryers.

Dyson wanted to work with one supplier across the UK & Ireland to fill all of their in-store Expert Demonstrator and Stylist Demonstrator roles. Candidates ideally need retail experience in luxury brands or high-end stores, and the Stylist Demonstrators also need to be qualified hairdressers.

The Challenges Faced

by the Dyson recruitment team

  • The internal recruiting team was unable to respond adequately to peak hiring needs arising as a result of expansion and increased turnover
  • The average time-to-hire was too long, resulting in a loss of sales revenue
  • Early stage attrition was high and there were concerns with the quality of hire and the ability of the Demonstrators to act as true Dyson brand ambassadors

The Advantage Solutions

  • We set up a hybrid recruitment team with both dedicated and scalable resources, allowing us to flex with Dyson’s needs
  • We used a range of carefully researched and highly targeted sourcing channels aligned to the specific geographies
  • We introduced a multi-step selection process, focused on cultural and motivational fit as well as skill-based screening

The Results

  • Dyson is now able to focus on the growth and expansion of its business, confident that it will have the right level of retail resource at any given time
  • 68% reduction in time-to-hire, allowing Dyson to capitalise on all sales opportunities
  • Early stage attrition has been halved and the quality of hire, cultural fit and brand engagement has increased significantly

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