Juniper Networks is an American multinational that develops and markets networking products.

The world’s biggest and busiest wired & wireless carriers, content & internet service providers, cloud & data centre providers, and cable & satellite operators run on Juniper Networks. As do major banks and other global financial services organisations, the world’s top-ten telecom companies, national government agencies, healthcare & educational institutions, and energy & utility companies, Juniper Networks has a significant commitment to contingent labour across a range of EMEA territories and Advantage xPO now runs Juniper’s MSP in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, UAE and the UK.

The Challenges Faced

by the Juniper recruitment team

  • No compliant solutions in some countries
  • Recruitment team with no direct recruitment experience, resulting in the high use of the third party agencies
  • Lack of scalability to meet changing demands
  • No VMS tool and resulting lack of reporting data

The Advantage Solutions

  • Our specialist Advantage Resourcing compliance team sources compliant providers to meet Juniper’s requirements
  • We provided a scalable on-site team that integrated fully into Juniper’s HR department, improving candidate attraction and engagement
  • We also renegotiated supplier margins
  • We researched, project-managed and implemented the most suitable VMS for Juniper’s needs

The Results

  • Compliant solution provided for each country of delivery
  • Time to hire reduced by 30%
  • Focus on direct fulfilment and re-negotiated supplier margins significantly reducing third-party spend
  • Streamlined and consistent processes covering recruitment, compliance and supplier management
  • Enhanced payrolling and invoicing capabilities
  • Easy access to critical data and improved reporting, resulting in more business opportunities

The combination of all the above have allowed Juniper to extend their customer base and bandwidth across the EMEA region.

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