What is an Umbrella Company Worker?

Working with us as an Umbrella Company worker means you operate under a contract of employment with the Umbrella Company, acting as your employer.

This arrangement simplifies the process, as the Umbrella Company handles your payroll, tax deductions, and statutory payments like National Insurance and pension contributions.

As an employee of the Umbrella Company, you have the flexibility to work on various assignments while enjoying the benefits of employed status.

Our partnerships with reputable Umbrella Companies ensures smooth and compliant operations, allowing you to focus on your work without the hassle of administrative tasks.

All you need to know about getting paid on time

How do you get paid?

As an Umbrella Company Worker, you will be paid by your Umbrella Company. We pay the Umbrella Company the full rates, including any statutory costs, and they then pay you.

Please note that all payments that Advantage makes to your Umbrella Company will be inclusive of tax and NI contributions. It is the Umbrella Company’s responsibility to ensure that these are paid to HMRC on time.

What Umbrella Company should I choose?

Advantage operates an approved supplier list (ASL) of Umbrella Companies that have been selected based on their service delivery, compliance with legislation and best practice.

The Umbrella providers we work with are fully accredited by the FCSA and comply with highest industry standards.

Your consultant will provide you with a copy of our umbrella ASL.

So what are the employment benefits?

As an Umbrella Company worker, you gain access to a range of employment benefits and statutory entitlements through the Umbrella Company of your choice. These can include benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, and maternity/paternity pay, similar to those of a traditional employee.

Your chosen Umbrella Company will have detailed information on the specific benefits they offer, ensuring you have peace of mind and financial security while working on assignments.

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