All you need to know about getting paid on time

Note: our Payroll is handled by our parent company, RGF Staffing UK so you may see the RGF brand on some of our emails and forms.

Submitting timesheets

Each week, you’ll need to fill out a timesheet for your hours worked, so that we can process your pay. How you provide your hours will depend on the client you work for.

We use the RGF Staffing Timesheet Portal to do this. You will need to create an account once you’ve agreed to a role. Once your account has been created you simply need to input your hours and submit to your line manager for approval on a weekly basis.

A guide is available here.

Timesheet deadlines

Timesheets are due by Monday at 5 PM for approval. Please submit your timesheet the Monday following the week you worked. If your timesheet is received after this deadline, we may not be able to pay you until the following week.

If you’re having issues with the portal or need to use a manual timesheet,


Not all jobs allow for expenses to be claimed. If this hasn’t been agreed in writing on your assignment schedule you must ensure that you get written approval from the client before claiming any expenses. Send approved claims to along with receipts for any work-related expenses.


Your pay, sent every Friday for the previous week, will go directly to your bank account. You’ll get an email with your payslip or remittance slip on by close of business every Thursday.

Changing your details

If your contact or bank details change, let payroll know right away, giving them at least a week’s notice.

If you’re an Umbrella worker, please contact your Umbrella Company with any payroll queries.

Have any questions or need help?

Please reach out to your consultant or our Payroll team if you have any questions about payment, timesheets, deadlines, or anything else.

They’re available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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