To be successful when applying for jobs, there are some key things we see many candidates aren’t doing. We’re dedicated to providing you with the insights and tools needed to land your next opportunity.

This might seem daunting, but it goes to show you’re not alone in the search for a new job. Stand out by tailoring your applications to each role. Highlight not only your skills but also your enthusiasm for the position and the company. And use LinkedIn and networking events to gain connections and insights into job opportunities you might miss out on otherwise.



The waiting game is a huge part of the job search process. Waiting for responses, interviews, and offers can be difficult. Stay proactive. Use this time to keep applying to roles you find and reflect on your goals. Network, attend industry events, and continue to improve on your skills.



This emphasises the importance of a strong CV and cover letter. They are your chance to make a memorable first impression. Take the time to customise your applications for each role. Highlight your achievements, experiences, and why you are the perfect fit for the position. A well-crafted cover letter can be the key to getting noticed.



We understand that time is of the essence, and we’re committed to making the process as easy as possible for you. When working with us, come prepared. Have your CV, cover letter and references ready, and be ready to showcase your skills and experiences. Preparation generates confidence. We can even carry out mock interviews to practice your interview skills and give feedback so you can feel more confident and prepared when the real interview comes.

Top in-demand skills.

Employers are constantly on the lookout for candidates with specific skills that set them apart from the crowd. Even if these skills aren’t applicable for you, its interesting to know what people are looking for, even if its just to build up your foundation knowledge on the topic in your industry. And don’t just list skills on your resume—demonstrate them and back them up with numbers.



The amount of time you spend on your job search may be the thing that makes you stand out. At Advantage we’re here to support you in finding a role where you can reach your full potential and really make an impact.

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