Krzysztof, our Senior Recruiter, came across Janice’s CV where her impressive skillset immediately caught his attention. After an initial call Krzysztof saw it wasn’t just her skills that made her stand out; it was the spark of passion she had for her career goals. Janice shared her aspirations to step up in her career, the opportunity to work within a large business, and start her career development goal as a Training Manager. But Janice lacked confidence. 

Finding the role

Krzysztof found a role in our well-recognized Aerospace and Defence client’s business. He knew it was the stepping stone Janice needed. It would be the beginning of a big step for her as the client was so well respected and known.  

Building confidence

Knowing that Janice was hesitant and lacked confidence in her abilities, Krzysztof became her cheerleader. Instead of focusing solely on the technical aspects, he became a mentor, regularly catching up with Janice reminding her of her strengths and capabilities. He was there every step of the way, offering support and encouragement. 

“I kept engaging with Janice, to make sure she would not give up on herself as I felt she was perfect for the role.”

Krzysztof, Senior Recruiter

From doubt to continuous achievement

In just 8 weeks, Janice accepted the offer on the role and has been grateful to Krzystof for his dedicated support ever since 

“I will never forget the contribution you made to my life…It has helped to shape and build my future.”


Making career goals happen

Since her placement, Janice’s career has continued to grow. She now holds a prestigious role of Managing Director/Executive Management Training Coach. Proof to the passion and determination to grow that Krzysztof saw in her. 

This role has been a huge step towards her dream career. It aligns perfectly with her skills and knowledge while offering invaluable insights into a new sector. She has become a Managing Director/Executive Management Training Coach., completed various training and courses and reached happiness in her business and personal life. 

Janice’s story embodies the essence of what we do. We don’t just match skills to job descriptions; we build confidence and nurture potential. Krzysztof unwavering belief in Janice, even when she doubted herself, is a testament to our commitment to our candidates’ growth. 


We see potential where others may not, and we are dedicated to guiding individuals towards fulfilling careers.  

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