1. Recognise somebody for doing a good job

Make sure you are regularly communicating with your colleagues and recognising their good work. Nobody wants to be micromanaged, but having regular recognition of accomplishments, breakthroughs achieved, progress made, and targets hit can really energise someone and make them feel proud and a meaningful part of the team.

Make sure you regularly make time to sit down with your people and highlight the incredible work they’re doing for the company. It doesn’t have to even be that formal – starting or ending the day with a quick checklist of successes can be enough to make your team feel valued and recognised. Communication is everything.

2. Provide opportunities for learning and development

Offering your colleagues a way to grow their professional skills is invaluable – both for you and for them. By providing opportunities for learning and development, such as shadowing another team member, enrolling on an accredited course, your people will not only pick up useful new skills but also feel valued and invested in.

There are lots of high-quality, often free courses out there for professionals looking to hone their skills, and will often be a very small price to pay in terms of the results you will get out of your teams.

3. Offer a solid path of progression

Now more than ever, professionals are thinking long-term about their career goals – and in a time where the workers have their pick of the jobs, it’s imperative for companies to demonstrate clear paths for progression to their people, or they won’t be at your company for long.

Often, people will leave an organisation due to bad managerial relationships, and those higher up seemingly not caring about the progression of their team members. An open dialogue between worker and manager is imperative, and your people having a clear view to where the next move is will energise them in their current remit and give them something to work towards if they’re feeling unmotivated, undervalued, or forgotten

Follow these tips and you’ll see definite changes in the engagement from your teams. Staff will want to stay with your company, feel more aligned with your organisational vision and strategy, and, to put it simply – be happier. Which in these times, is the most important of all.

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