In today’s competitive job market, the traditional 9-5 work routine has evolved. Well-being has taken precedence, and phrases like “Bare minimum Mondays” and “Quiet quitting” are trending.

Job seekers are no longer just chasing hefty paychecks; they’re seeking workplaces that offer exceptional work-life balance, fulfilment, and appreciation. But what does this shift mean for you?

Did you know out of the 44% of UK workers looking for a new job, 64% said they were looking for a job with a better work culture*

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to distinguish yourself when hunting for top talent, and it’s easier than ever to lose valuable team members if you don’t measure up.
Creating a culture of purpose and meaning within your team can set you apart

But where do you begin?

Your Mission and Values

They aren’t just checkboxes; they should be evident in every aspect of your business. Clearly define your company’s mission and values from interviews to regular one-on-ones.
This will not only convey what your company and team stand for but also illustrate how they contribute to your customers happiness and their own personal growth.

Making Your Team Feel Valued

Everyone longs to feel valued and appreciated.
As an employer, you can achieve this through consistent feedback, recognition programs, and by fostering a positive, supportive work environment.
A simple Teams or Slack message acknowledging a job well done can go a long way.

Growth Opportunities

Empowering employees to make a difference doesn’t have to be complex.
Offer opportunities like employee volunteer programs, additional training, and autonomy for employees to make decisions and take ownership of their work.

These are only a few steps you can take to create a workplace where employees feel valued, appreciated, and have the chance to grow and make a real impact.

How to be a ‘magnet’.

One strategy that’s gained significant attention is the concept of Internal Mobility.

Our comprehensive guide, “Becoming a Magnet for Top Talent in 2023: Using Internal Mobility,” will walk you through the strategies, statistics, and tactics related to internal mobility that can transform your business into a magnet for top talent in 2023.

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