Gary, a talented Management Accountant, was ready for more. He had hit a glass ceiling in his current finance role and was eager for a new challenge. While not fully satisfied at work, it just so happened that Tia was looking for someone with his exact expertise.

How Tia found Gary

The initial email to Gary set the stage for what was to come. Tia is known for her distinctive approach, which involves personalised videos, messages, and keeping in contact with genuine check ins. She reached out to Gary after being impressed by his LinkedIn profile showcasing his extensive finance experience and skill set.

Looking for more than just a job

Tia’s conversations with Gary made it very clear that he was not just looking for a job title change. He wanted growth, both professionally and personally. He had specific circumstances with his children, so flexible working was key.

Tia took the time to understand exactly what he wanted, ensuring that not just this role, but any role she presented to him would align with his aspirations and life outside of work.

The role

Tia had an exciting opportunity at a venture-backed Bio-Technology scale-up. The role of Senior Management Accountant offered not just a new finance job but a chance to make an impact. The role offered him what he was looking for —a more senior position, with people management opportunities, and the all-important flexible working arrangements.

Aligning skills and potential

Gary’s skills and experiences were exactly what our client was looking for. Coming from a Top 10 practice with crucial manufacturing industry experience, he brought the technical expertise they needed. Gary fit the bill perfectly. And in just 20 days Gary accepted an offer.

How did we do it? With lots of meaningful communication. Countless conversations, detailed Teams calls, and ongoing support ensured everyone involved was happy. When any concerns were raised, Tia swiftly set up a call with the Finance Director, to clarify any doubts.

The impact

Since starting his new role, Gary has been thriving. We’ve stayed in touch, with Tia celebrating sending Happy New Year’s and birthdays messages. In just a few months, Gary has seen significant growth, overseeing a direct report and honing his people management skills. The seniority of his new role, coupled with the increased package and share options, has been the ideal step for his finance career.

Gary’s story with us is a testament to the power of finding the right fit. At Certain Advantage, we go beyond the surface, delving deep into aspirations, skills, and compatibility. We are committed to making a lasting impact on careers and lives.

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