One of the critical challenges for us is to reduce our carbon footprint – we’ve committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2030, which is why it’s important to accurately map our existing environmental impact. We’re working with Carbon Footprint Ltd to track our emissions at source and create a plan to compensate for unavoidable emissions.

In 2022, we will be joining a UK-based tree planting scheme which will offset our existing emission volume. The project focuses on planting trees within schools so that children can benefit from the natural environment, clean air space and education opportunities around supporting wildlife habits, all of which are crucial for RGF’s core concept of sustainability.

RGF Staffing Operations Director Jonna Oakley comments; “Our brand vision is to create Opportunities for Life and that extends much further than educational or career opportunities. We want to make a meaningful impact in everything we do, especially regarding the natural environment. The last 2 years have shown that we can continue to grow and thrive as a business with less travel, less plastic, and more social commitment. That’s why we’re aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030.

We don’t believe in greenwashing – we’re open about our commitment to making a positive change on our environment and encouraging responsible action in our partners, clients, colleagues, and wider business network. We know the impact our company has on the Earth now and we are putting in place plans to reduce it wherever we can.

The tree planting project appealed to us as a business as it not only offsets the emissions we create, but also develops a safer and more enjoyable space for children”.

What else are we doing?

The average UK person has a carbon footprint of 6.5 tonnes CO2, and as an employer of over 150 employees we recognise that by giving our colleagues support, we can help reduce that number significantly.

As a business we’re dedicated to:

  • Switching to renewable energy in our offices
  • Ensuring we buy from sustainable/carbon neutral suppliers
  • Encouraging flexible working where we can and putting a stop to unnecessary travel
  • Continually investigating new travel options for our colleagues including cycle schemes and car shares
  • Investing in technology so we can work together, from anywhere in the world

For more information follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates or check our what we’re doing in tandem with our parent company, RGF Staffing UK

We look forward to sharing a greener world with you.

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